Babies: small experimental musicians


In our big kid Kindermusik classes, we explore “what makes something music versus just a sound.”  It is always fun to hear a 5 year old’s ideas: “it sounds pretty,” “I can sing it,” “it doesn’t hurt my mom’s ears.”  This is much more interesting than, “a series of organized sounds.”

But what about babies?  EVERYTHING is an abstract concept that they are exploring and learning.  It IS just sound, no matter how organized.

They don’t know what music is, but they are intrigued – they notice and often move to it.  They do not know what singing is, but when they find their voice, they “sing” and babble (really, it’s just early operatic recitative).  When they strike a toy against the floor, they are learning about sound and soon they repeat their percussion “antics” to create a small composition.

Witnessing a baby’s noise making during play time often sounds like a composition by experimental composer, John Cage (he used naturally occurring noises in a room as part of the composition).  And, maybe they don’t sound organized, as in music’s definition, but once a child finds their voice, their noise, or their dancing legs, there is intention.  They want to create something and it feels great!  Intention is a big part of improvisation, and that is a WONDERFUL part of music, from Bach to BeBop!

Our Kindermusik baby class, Cuddle & Bounce, is like a discovery center.  Babies get the chance to hear new noises, see new people and social situations, see new objects, and more.  And the adults in the class get a chance to be a part of these new musical compositions and moments.

Read more about the amazing learning of babies at Kindermusik’s blog: Planting musical seeds.

Cuddle & Bounce for babies up to 15 months meets Thursdays at 11am


Fall into Music!

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Hello families,

Cooler weather, autumnal colors, pumpkins, and more are coming upon us soon.  Why not make the Fall season even more special for you and your child by enrolling in a Kindermusik class?  Real Great Music, LLC has classes in Sanford and Cameron.  Our licensed educators and early-childhood learning specialists plan a weekly class that will capture your child’s attention through music.  When a child is engaged in an activity, this is the best time for them to learn and retain information, so each activity in class is developmentally-appropriate, fun, and full of learning.  Plus, grownups get to join in the fun, too!  It’s a great season to join a class and your first week is free if you are new to the program!


We have so many classes to choose from for all age groups under 7 years.  Find our schedule here:  Fall 2015


Like the ever-changing seasons, children’s development changes in 4 stages.  Read more about it here:  Parenting in the four seasons


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Happy 2015

Hello friends!  I hope you all are enjoying the new year so far!  We are so excited here at Real Great Music, LLC for the start of our Winter classes.  We have more to offer than ever before to get you and your child moving and learning about music!  Our 4- week Units begin the week of January 12th, so enroll here!


4-week Classes – Main Studio (Sanford)

  • 0/1 year olds – Cuddle & Bounce: Tuesdays @9:30am
  • 1/2 year olds – Sing & Play: Thursdays @9:30am
  • 2/3 year olds – Wiggle & Grow: Thursdays @10:30am
  • 3/4 year olds – Laugh & Learn: Mondays @9:30am

4-week Classes – Aptitude Explore & Sea, Cameron

  • Family Class- ages 6 mos-5 years: Tuesdays @9am
4-week Classes – Main Studio (Sanford)
  • 3/4  year olds- Laugh & Learn: Thursdays @5:30
Play Dates – Once-a-month Family Classes – The Griffin Academy
  • Family Play Date – newborn-5 years: 1st Tuesday of each month @5:30pm
Kindermusik for the Young Child – Pre-Private Lesson Instrument/Music Instruction –Main Studio (Sanford)
  • 4 1/2-7 year olds – Young Child Semester 1: Mondays @5:30
  • 5-7 year olds – Young Child Semester 3: Thursdays @6:30


Monthly Family Play Dates at Doodlebugs – Dates TBA


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